marcus nolde
Marcus Nolde, born in Minden, discovered his passion for programming and IT in the 80s. Already in the computer science room of his school he programmed extensive applications and learned everything about the first PCs and networks in a computer store.
So it was not surprising that he founded his first IT company right from the school desk in the 90s.
His first footprint was in the tourism industry in the 2000s, where he was able to put his knowledge into practice and developed web services, apps and digital innovations for numerous destinations. In the context of this digital transformation, he already realized projects which can be described as precursors of today’s cloud services. During this time, he also gained extensive experience in the use of service and support solutions.
He then pioneered the development and implementation of the first cloud service portals with his partners Wortmann AG and Microsoft, while maintaining the existing value chains. During this phase, the existing idea of a multi-tool for technicians and customers gave rise to a project and close cooperation with Intel.
Today, Marcus Nolde manages two highly specialized IT companies in Dortmund and Krefeld, which offer comprehensive solutions for managing complex business models & processes as well as a „multi-tool“ for all IT managers.
The 50+ year old counts a wonderful wife, four children, two cats as well as two horses to his family. He spends his sparse free time in great cars, on the riding arena with his daughter or in the Dortmund soccer stadium, which is located vis-à-vis his personal office.
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