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about us
bytesatwork is an independent software vendor (ISV) located in Germany. It targets with the own in germany developed solutions like its Cloud Portal myCloudCenter from enterprise business to small- and midsize-businesses (SMBs) in the healthcare and education verticals with Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions. bytesatwork also provides support for Internet of Things (IoT) devices like digital signs and kiosks. Each service is different and is tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

what makes us different

leading partners

our close and direct partnerships with developers, sales and other departments include companies such as intel, microsoft, tarox and wortmann AG

a step ahead

With our direct cooperation alongside the leading providers in the field of hardware and software, as well as our participation in various technology programs, insider and early adaptor projects, we are able to access and offer the latest technologies.

sustainable developing

Since all of our developments are carried out in-house in Germany with our very own developers, and not via outsourced or borrowed workers, we have full control over the source code and the sustainability of our developments & work.

fast and Efficient

Time is money and the era for long lead-up or test phases is over. We are used to planning, developing and implementing quickly and efficiently in order to be able to work both resource- and cost-optimized. Here, the particularly modular development in our company over the decades, together with the equally long experience in projects, hardware and software play a decisive role.

Experienced Professionals

We rely on a diverse team of developers & managers, both in terms of training, age, origin and other factors in order to get the widest possible perspective on problems, solutions and new approaches. Furthermore, we have developed a comprehensive training and integration concept in order to allow us to optimally use our employees according to their skills, expertise, etc.

Advanced Solutions

All of the already mentioned points, skills, working methods and much more enable us to realize projects, solutions and customer-specific requirements beyond the standard.

our solutions

our EcoSystem & LifeCycle solutions for the next level of selling. automation & partnership

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Our Clients Say

“BYTESATWORK guys did a great job in setting up our office network and completing other tasks we needed. They were very fast and pleasant to work with. Everything is now running smoothly thanks to them.”

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