THE Support & Service Tool for a significant increase in monetization and efficiency in IT software and hardware support.

For IT system houses, electronic retailers, wholesalers, etc.


IT support teams face increasingly complex challenges. They have to provision a variety of devices in different deployment scenarios, handle daily maintenance and upkeep, perhaps even provide user support, and now make this even more difficult with the addition of mobile or home office use due to the changing world of work. It is time consuming, costly and difficult to keep track of the entire fleet. For small and medium sized businesses this is a particular challenge as they often have to learn, install and operate multiple solutions to manage the device lifecycle and this with increasingly limited resources especially of employees. The manage4ALL solution simplifies this process and covers – if desired & optional – the entire lifecycle of the devices from procurement [supply management], roll-out, confiugration, deployment, maintenance and support to data protection compliant retirement.
After power-on or manual installation, manage4ALL does its job. [It ensures that devices are automatically rolled out, software is installed and all necessary settings, sensors and assignments are set up and made available without further manual intervention. This also ensures that the relevant data is transparently recorded and made available for use throughout the entire period of use of the device.
manage4ALL allows to provide optimized functions & processes for each skill level in order to use the scarce resources of IT teams in an optimized way and for more relevant work. The basis for this are the extensive possibilities of manage4ALL which, in addition to classic remote management & monitoring RMM, for example, the functions for 1click rollouts via code, per active fault and threat detection, seamless integration of Intel(R) technologies for maximum stability & security even out-of-band if the operating system no longer works or for BIOS access. The resulting information & data enables full transparency of the device from hardware to software to warranty, current state & location, configuration including registry + GPOs as well as full history across all operations and usage. In addition, a direct service & support connection between devices, users and responsible supporters is also provided in an automated and configurable way. This approach reduces the effort & time for on-site operations and significantly improves the reliability, security & satisfaction of all persons involved in the chain.
With manage4ALL, the current challenges of your IT can be provided in just one solution, cost-effective, simple and the benefits optimized according to the needs & capabilities of the user. IT support teams can work inside and outside the corporate firewall, remotely power on devices manually or with automated triggers, perform available security patching or upgrades including BIOS outside working hours and then power them off immediately to reduce energy consumption and increase productivity. Automated ticket2responsible mapping ensures that users always receive optimal + fastest support. users can directly create ticketd and get 1:1 support incl. remote access. The goal of manage4ALL is to consolidate all relevant information & data in one place according to the requirements, to increase stability, security & satisfaction of all. With the result to have more time for more important things.
Key features at a glance


ready to operate for ai based full service management.

for oem. distributor. reseller. partner + tenants
full white label as a service
DSGVO. GDPR compliant
3e approach: everyservice. everywhere. everytime.
one stop service shop


total customer and multi device data.

data sourcing of infrastructure. devices. automation and services
dashboard overview including reports and inventory ai powered management of tasks. tickets. incidents and resources
vulnerability review from inside and outside


zero-touch installation. roll-out and running.

separation of technical and consumption level for easy and secure use
structure-based roll-out of software. policies. remote powershell and more
increase efficiency: save time and resources


the path to growth monetarization.

one source for devices and services such as IoT. server. mobile
easy and smart real time resource monitoring
predictive analytics and action for power law growth
reports. logs. services. apps and more by unified rules


proprietary technology for seamless access.

seamless integrated one2one RemoteAccess service
RemoteAccess in the background feature
seamless INTEL vPRO. AMT integration with KVM


10x better than a ticket and remoteviewer solution.

zero-touch from supplier2user
dynamic generated structure and hierarchy for responsibility mapping and sharing
single point of contact for customer for all belongings


the force of unforgotten invoices.

automated time2price-mapping
dynamic or flat-rate based accounting and billing
predictive selling for compound interest


there is more in work & coming …

ai based TaskManager
GDPR conforming TimeRecording
ProjectMapping of tasks. tickets and support
DriversLog and sync. interact with customer
unified APIs. TFS. AzureStack. CSP

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