ready to operate for ai based full service management.

for oem. distributor. reseller. partner + tenants
full white label as a service
DSGVO. GDPR compliant
3e approach: everyservice. everywhere. everytime.
one stop service shop


total customer and multi device data.

data sourcing of infrastructure. devices. automation and services
dashboard overview including reports and inventory ai powered management of tasks. tickets. incidents and resources
vulnerability review from inside and outside


zero-touch installation. roll-out and running.

separation of technical and consumption level for easy and secure use
structure-based roll-out of software. policies. remote powershell and more
increase efficiency: save time and resources


the path to growth monetarization.

one source for devices and services such as IoT. server. mobile
easy and smart real time resource monitoring
predictive analytics and action for power law growth
reports. logs. services. apps and more by unified rules


proprietary technology for seamless access.

seamless integrated one2one RemoteAccess service
RemoteAccess in the background feature
seamless INTEL vPRO. AMT integration with KVM


10x better than a ticket and remoteviewer solution.

zero-touch from supplier2user
dynamic generated structure and hierarchy for responsibility mapping and sharing
single point of contact for customer for all belongings


the force of unforgotten invoices.

automated time2price-mapping
dynamic or flat-rate based accounting and billing
predictive selling for compound interest


there is more in work & coming …

ai based TaskManager
GDPR conforming TimeRecording
ProjectMapping of tasks. tickets and support
DriversLog and sync. interact with customer
unified APIs. TFS. AzureStack. CSP

Our Rates

Drop Off/

Remote Support
$ 50
  • Per Hour

In-Home Or

Business Support
$ 80
  • Per Hour

Our Clients Say

“I took my computer to the Comp guys for a diagnostic and repair, and now my computer works more smoothly than ever. Super thankful for their service! John and Steve are very skilled and professional.”

Donna Torres, Client
“Computera guys did a great job in setting up our office network and completing other tasks we needed. They were very fast and pleasant to work with. Everything is now running smoothly thanks to them.”
Patrick Hughes, Client